The Visitation of Our Blessed Lady to Elizabeth

Today, the last day of Mary’s month, we celebrate the Visitation of Our Blessed Lady to St Elizabeth. On the occasion of this meeting between the two cousins, both women were with child. Our Holy Mother carried the Divine Lord within her womb and St Elizabeth was pregnant with St John the Baptist.

The famous meeting is depicted in this stained glass window at St Saviour’s on Dominick Street. As it is the last day of May, today presents a fine opportunity to greet Our Blessed Lady by making a visit to a grotto or any of her shrines in a church near you. She is always eager to hear our prayers. Given that today’s feast also celebrates the meeting of Our Lord and St John the Baptist, both of whom were in their mother’s wombs, let us pray especially that with Holy Mary’s maternal protection we will continue to defend the life of unborn children until we have gained final victory over the forces of evil.

(From the St. Saviour’s Facebook Page)

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