Rosary Newsletter – The Visitation (Luke 1:39-56)

In this mystery we hear Mary’s song of thanksgiving, the Magnificat. “For he who is mighty has done great things for me,” Mary sings in the presence of her cousin Elizabeth. In the ups and downs of life, we can get tired and wonder what life is really about. Have you today thanked God for the ability to breath and to see? When we arose from our beds this morning, did you thank God for the ability to sleep well and arise alone from your bed? Have you ever thanked God for the ability to dress yourself alone, to walk from your bedroom to your kitchen? To be able to take that fresh glass of water or cup of tea. To feel the warmth of central heating or the simplicity of running hot water in able to wash. Many people this morning may not wake from sleep, may not be able to see, not walk for the first time, or make that little journey to the bathroom or kitchen. Many may not even be able to see the dull wintry morning from their window. God is good and has been good to us, he has done great things for me. Be thankful this day for the small things with Mary.

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