Rosary Newsletter – The Annunciation (Luke 1.26-38)

In this mystery, we hear the words of the Angel Gabriel to Our Blessed Lady, “The Lord is with you.”

As Catholics we hear these words at the beginning and end of every Mass. These words in the scriptures remind the hearer that he/she is called to play an important role in God’s plan of salvation for the world. When Moses was called to lead the people from slavery in Egypt, God told him, “I will be with you.” When Joshua was called to lead the people into the promised land, God told him, “I will be with you.” Mary stands in the shadow of her ancestors as we do. Every morning when we awake we are asked to take on the trails of the day ahead. Often, we feel inadequate, tired, fearful and not prepared. God however challenges each of us to leave our comfort zones this day and rely on him more and more. You may feel tired with the challenges of daily life, work, family, health or community. One thing however is all we need, and it is promised, “the Lord is with you.” Say yes like Mary.

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