Light of Truth – 08

This week “the Light of Truth” is recorded in Knockadoon, co. Cork. In Knockadoon the Dominicans run a youth camp, called Knockadoon Camp. During the summer various different groups come to the camp to provide a week away with various themes. Knockadoon has a capacity up to about 150 people, and these numbers are occasionally topped.

During this week the Knockadoon Youth Weeks are on, and Fr. Luuk OP talks with Fr. Maurice OP and Br. Philip OP about Knockadoon and espeically what the Knockadoon Youth Weeks are about.


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  1. Clare richards
    Clare richards says:

    So good to hear about the Knockadoon camp with Fr. Luuk OP, Fr. Maurice OP and Br. Philip OP. My prayers are with you that it will be full of joy and prayer with the young people.


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