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Ears to Hear – Introduction

Ears to Hear

Welcome to the new audio series, ‘Ears to Hear’, produced by the Dominican students of the Irish Province for our website We took the name for this series from a line in the book of Revelation: ‘You that have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches’ (Rev 3:22). We know that the Spirit has never let the Church down, but has continued to speak through the teaching of the Church, and the wonderful witness of the saints. This series seeks to make some spiritual classics of the Christian tradition accessible to the Internet age. We have some real gems to share with you, from the Rhineland mystics, to St Augustine, from St Gregory Nazianzen to the many anonymous poets and preachers who have witnessed to the Truth.

We hope that through these texts, with their vivid imagery and profound wisdom, you the listener will hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to the Church today. We hope that these readings will not replace Scripture, but will show that the Word of God did not fall silent with the return of Christ to the Father, but that it constantly echoes and reverberates in the communion of saints. You will hear different emphases, major chords and minor chords, trumpets and strings, but all the time, please God, it will be the same Word that is spoken, the same Spirit that speaks. May we all have ears to hear.

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