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Ears to Hear – Advent 2

Our second reading is from St Charles Borromeo

Our second Advent reading is from another well-loved bishop: St Charles Borromeo. He was born into a powerful Italian family, and was lined up for a career in the Church. The Church in Italy at this time was notoriously corrupt, though – when Charles’ uncle was elected Pope in 1559, he made Charles a cardinal, despite the fact that he was only 22 years old, and hadn’t even been ordained a priest! Despite all this, Charles became a wonderful bishop, with a great love for his people and a desire for holiness in his priests. At a time when many bishops neglected their flocks, St Charles paid great attention to their education in the faith. This reading is taken from a pastoral letter written to the faithful in his diocese of Milan, explaining to them the meaning of the liturgical season of Advent.

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