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iDoms Vocab

iDoms Vocab is Vocabulary/Flashcard training tool with:
– Greek (first 300 words with audio)
– Biblical Hebrew (first 300 words with audio)
– Latin (extracted from the Summa Theologiae)
– Many parameters are adjustable
– A brief summary after each exercise
– You can create your own custom lists from the words in the App, or create your own lists using the iDoms Vocab website
– Optionally practice both ways
– Apple Watch support

I wrote this program because of my own need to train my vocabulary. What I find most important is a combination of repetition and automatic progress. This App tries to achieve that. With the use of a point system. The App registers how well you know a word. If you know a word good enough, it will only ask it once in a while for the sake of repetition. When a word is classified as known, a new word is added to the next exercise.

A lot of the parameters of the App are adjustable, and this makes it a very flexible flashcard application.
The first 50 words are for free to test the App, after that vocabulary sets can be purchased using In-App purchases. The revenue I use to pay towards my development cost such as Developer License etc.

The latest addition to the App is the possibility to create your own training sets on the iDoms Vocab website. This allows the App to be used for any two way vocabulary training. It is possible to share those lists with others, or to make them private so you can only use them yourself.  This is not limited to specific languages, although only English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew are given as options. Other languages can easily be added upon request.

The App is available for iPhone,iPod and iPad, and can be found on the App Store. If you have any problems, then please contact us using the contact form.

Please be aware that you need to use the restore purchase function if you want to use the App on multiple devices. This is for free (you will never be charged twice for the same list) and the button can be found at the bottom of the list with vocabulary sets.

(note: a small amount of users experience problems with the upgrade to version 3.0 if they are using iCloud. If for some reason the upgrade process fails then a database reset might be needed and the quickest way to get back into business. This can be done under settings. You would need to restore your purchases, reinstall the vocabulary sets and start again. However, the ‘I Know’ button can help to quickly accept words you already know, and to move to a portion of the list in which you previously were).


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