A Dominican Poem for Good Friday

Here’s a wonderful poem about the devotion to the Passion of Dominicans through the centuries. As a test of how Dominican you are (!): do you recognise all the names mentioned (and ‘the Florentine’)?


Here is ‘the book of charity’ wherein

Saint Dominic conned his prayer; here Thomas sought,

When deep perplext, his oracle; here taught

By ‘Eternal Wisdom,’ Suso learned to win

The ‘Game of Love’; ‘God’s Table,’ Catherine

Found here; Las Casas, charts; here Martin bought

His panacea; inspiration caught

Angelico; his fire the Florentine.


Ah, for their sight! Zacchaeus cannot see,

Low-statured, he must climb! Up, timid heart!

Look in those Eyes and borrow them! For thee

A vision waits. Rend thou the veils apart

Of fear, of doubt, of selfishness. Behold,

Expectant harvests, ripe for reapers bold!



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