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We must strive to put God first

On the Gospel of Luke 12:13-21

In this week’s gospel, Christ gives a parable which highlights an issue that seems to prevail in the society in which we live. The parable tells of a man who becomes wealthy on account of a good harvest. Because of his wealth, the man is able to live an easy life, not having to worry about his needs. In this light, the man falls into the trap of becoming unconcerned about his state of being and begins to take things easy and live as though he had “not a care in the world.” God, however rebukes the man for not worrying about the state of his soul and his relationship with God.
So often, we seem to only approach God when things are going badly for us and we need help. It seems that when things are going well, we put God away for a while and take it easy, like the man in the parable. As Christians, however, we must guard against this practice and come to a realization that though it is fine to acquire wealth and be able to live a comfortable life, we must always remember the most important thing and that is our relationship with God. Our relationship with God must be able to stand the test of time and remain strong in the highs and lows that life brings to us all.

In the fast paced and commodity driven world in which we find ourselves in the present age, it is so easy to place the pleasures of life before our relationship with God. It is always important to ask ourselves how much time we give to God every day, in comparison with the amount of time we spent being entertained through such mediums as the internet and the television. Has “Facebook,” for example, taken time that we should be spending with God, away from us? Technology is, of course a good thing, but when that technology takes us away from the important things in life such as our relationship with God and our neighbour, it can become a very destructive force.

The goal of all Christians must be heaven driven, where we strive for a deeper relationship with God, flowing outward to a genuine love for our neighbour. If anything comes before our relationship with God, we need to analyze whether it is truly necessary. This, of course, does not mean that we cannot enjoy ourselves, it simply means that we must always have our priorities right. It would be good to develop a practice of thinking about whether what we are engaged in at any given moment brings us closer to God or sends us away from a loving relationship with him. We must always strive to put God into all that we do and allow our lives to glorify God.


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