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The dishonest and wasteful steward

On the Gospel of Luke (16:1-13)

In this week’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples about a dishonest and wasteful steward who in the end wins the approval of the rich man whose property he looked after. In reflecting on society in general, we see that there is a constant push to achieve success at all costs. For many today, salvation comes with being successful in this life and not though striving for the eternal salvation we hope for as Christians. For Christians, though we know that success in this world can be good, we really aim for true happiness in the beatific vision when our journey on earth comes to an end. It is this hope that sustains us so that even when trials come our way in life, our faith shows us that there is a much bigger picture where our lives are in the hands of God whose love for us has no end. Success in this world is not the ultimate goal for us as Christians and we can therefore better cope with the difficulties that come our way by looking at the goal that we strive for of unity with God in paradise.

In the course of the passage, Jesus also comments on the role of responsibility in following God. Jesus states that, “the man who can be trusted in little things can be trusted in great, and the man who is dishonest in little things, will be dishonest in great.” So often, when we think about being Christian, we think about the big changes that we can make in the world, and we lament at times that we have not made those big changes that make global waves, so to speak. We admire the saints who, in their heroic faith, followed Christ so completely and are therefore remembered by us. The saints, however, did not become saints over night, but went through a process of continuous conversion throughout their lives. They began by sanctifying, making holy, the little things that they did in life and in so doing, they glorified God. All these little things came together to bring forth an exemplary life which we admire. We too, are called to be saints by sanctifying all the little things that we do and in so doing develop a disposition for doing what is right. The Lord has placed each of us where he wants us at this very moment, and he trusts us to bring forth His message exactly where we find ourselves, not always by huge and momentous activities, but by the culmination of simple acts done for the glory of God.

Jesus Christ offers all of us the freedom that comes from following Him. It is important that we not allow any material elements in our lives to come before our relationship with God. So many in our society have fallen into slavery to sin but Jesus Christ offers us the freedom of following Him and doing His will. Through our relationship with Christ, we can be freed of the bondage of sin and gain true happiness that can only be found in God and in God’s infinite love for us. God desires that we follow him but he gives us the freedom to choose to follow him. We must commit ourselves to grow deeper and deeper in relationship with God and in so doing gain the true fulfilment which can only be found in Jesus Christ, who is, “the way, the truth and the life.”





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