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The ‘Peri Pascha’ of Melito of Sardis: An Ancient Homily Rediscovered | First Fragments (pt 4)

The ‘Peri Pascha’ of Melito of Sardis
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In 1940 a scholar of early Christianity was working his way through an ancient papyrus manuscript and found something astonishing: the only surviving fragment of the preaching of a major 2nd-century bishop, Melito of Sardis. The First Fragments exhibition runs in the Chester Beatty, Dublin, until 3 September 2023, and entrance is free.

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Acknowledgments: we are grateful to the Chester Beatty for granting us permission to film on location, and especially grateful to Dr Jill Unkel (Curator of Western Collections) for facilitating our visit.

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Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant (

Presented by: Conor McDonough OP. –

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