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The Friars’ Friends: Athenry Abbey and its Patrons | Treasure Ireland

1:11 / 4:45 • Norman Colony The Friars' Friends: Athenry Abbey and its Patrons
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The medieval friaries that dot the island of Ireland were homes to communities of friars who depended entirely on donors to maintain their life and mission. In the vast majority of these cases, we know next to nothing about the laypeople who supported the friars, but in the case of Athenry a document survives which lists many such patrons, and it paints a fascinating picture.

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Further learning: Ambrose Coleman OP, ‘Regestum Monasterii Fratrum Praedicatorum de Athenry’, Archivium Hibernicum, vol. 1 (1912), pp. 201-221; Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB, ‘The Friars in Ireland, 1224-1540’ (Dublin, 2012).

Presented by Fr Conor McDonough OP Shot and edited by Patrick Grant ( –

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