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Royal Lady, O Saint Brigid | A New Hymn for Brigid 1500

A stained glass image of St Brigid
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2024 marks the 1500th anniversary of the death of St Brigid, patroness of Ireland and founder of the great monastery of Kildare. Her life is the subject of some of the oldest works written in Ireland, and she has inspired countless generations ever since.

As our contribution to the celebration of this great anniversary, we have recorded a hymn in her honour, written by Fr Fergus Ryan OP (Newbridge), and sung by a gathering of choirs from Co. Kildare.

Complete Lyrics
1. Royal lady, O Saint Brigid,
Loyal servant, Christ’s betrothed,
As we seek your intercession
Lead us on God’s Royal Road.
Single-minded, consecrated,
seeking the monastic veil,
God responded to your pleading,
A blank page for your life’s tale.

2. Seeking to establish cloister,
in what would be called Kildare,
you convinced a chieftain king to
give you land for God’s work there.
Comforting another local,
telling him of Christ’s renown,
showed him value in his suff’ring,
Share the Saviour’s vict’ry crown!

3. Cross of rushes, bent and twisted,
from beneath the people’s feet,
now it is your symbol ever
recognised where Christians meet.
But it was to Christ you pointed
and that person was baptised,
joining Christ in heav’n forever,
gives a hope beyond the skies.

4. Brothers, sisters, Christian people,
seeking Christ, their Lord and Friend,
Make us bold and forward thinking
and let Heaven be our end.
Christ alone is our Redeemer,
you our sister and our guide.
May we sing God’s praises sweetly.
Lady, bring us by your side.

5. Glory be to God the Father;
Glory be to God the Son –
Word made flesh who lived among us,
Died and rose that we’d be won;
Holy Spirit, Divine Person,
Fire of strength and Lord of love,
hear Saint Brigid’s pleading for us
that in heaven we’ll be one.
(Fergus Ryan OP)

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Acknowledgments: We are grateful to members of the following choirs who sang in this recording: Ballyfin church choir; Carmelite church choir, Kildare; Kildare parish church choir; Newbridge’s Cill Mhuire adult choir; In Caelo parish choir, Newbridge; choristers from Caragh; Lorraine Nolan’s The Liffey Choir (Dominican church); Newbridge Chamber Choir (Dominican church); Aquinas singers; Naas Hospital Choir; Metanoia on Mondays (Kilcullen). Line leaders were: Lorraine Nolan of The Liffey Choir (Dominican church), Adrienne Donnelly (Cill Mhuire, Newbridge), Colm Somers (Newbridge Chamber Choir). The conductor was Lorraine Nolan, and the organist was Fr Fergus Ryan OP. The lyrics were composed by Fr Fergus Ryan OP, and are sung to the public domain hymn tune, ‘Nettleton’.

Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant ( –
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