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‘Laetabundus’ is the title of the Christmas ‘sequence’ (i.e. the text traditionally sung before the Gospel). It expresses the joy of the feast of the Incarnation, when the chorus of the faithful sing, ‘Alleluia!’

Lyrics (Latin):
1. Lætabundus, exultet fidelis chorus: Alleluia.
2. Regem regum intactæ profudit torus: res miranda.
3. Angelus consilii natus est de Virgine, sol de stella;
4. Sol occasum nesciens, stella semper rutilans, semper clara.
5. Sicut sidus radium, profert Virgo Filium pari forma.
6. Neque sidus radio, neque Mater Filio fit corrupta.
7. Cedrus alta Libani conformatur hyssopo valle nostra.
8. Verbum ens altissimi corporari passum est carne sumpta.
9. Isaias cecinit, synagoga meminit, nunquam tamen desinit esse obligata.
10. Si non suis vatibus, credat vel gentilibus Sybillinis versibus hæc prædicta.
11. Infelix propera: crede vel vetera: cur damnaberis, Gens electa?
12. Quem docet litera Natum considera; ipsum genuit puerpera. Alleluia.

1. Let the choir of all the faithful exult in their joy. Alleluia.
2. The Virgin’s womb hath given us the King of Kings! O wonderful mystery!
3. The Angel of the great Counsel is born of the Virgin, the Sun is born of a Star!
4.The Sun knows no setting; the Star is ever shining, ever bright.
5. As a star gives forth its ray, so does the Virgin her Child.
6. The star loses naught of its purity by the ray it yields, so neither does the Virgin by her Child.
7. The lofty cedar of Lebanon comes down into our valley, making itself little as the hyssop.
8. He that is the Word of the Most High God deigns to take a body unto himself; he assumes our flesh.
9. Isaiah had foretold all this; and the Jews, though they knew the prophecy by heart, see not its accomplishment in this mystery.
10. If they will not believe their Prophets, let them believe the Sybils, who thus sang:
11. ‘Unhappy people, delay not, believe, at least, the ancient oracles! Why wilt thou be cast off, O chosen nation?
12. This is the Child of whom thy books tell thee: he is the Son of a Virgin-Mother.’ Alleluia.

Sung by members of the schola cantorum, St Saviour’s Dominican Priory, Dublin.
Shot and edited by Patrick Grant ( –

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