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How Did People Send Letters In The Ancient World? | First Fragments (pt 5)

Ancient world letters
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The Letters of St Paul are the most famous letters from the ancient world to survive, but they were among millions of letters sent by ordinary people about ordinary subjects. The Chester Beatty in Dublin is home to one such letter, sent from an ill-tempered man called Harpochras to his brother Ammonas. Apart from revealing the personality of Harpochras, it reveals a great deal about how letters were sent in the ancient world. The First Fragments exhibition runs in the Chester Beatty, Dublin, until 3 September 2023, and entrance is free.

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Acknowledgments: we are grateful to the Chester Beatty for granting us permission to film on location, and especially grateful to Dr Jill Unkel (Curator of Western Collections) for facilitating our visit.

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Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant (

Presented by: Conor McDonough OP. –

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