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From Hebrew to Greek | First Fragments (pt 8)

Septuagint - From Hebrew to Greek
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The Septuagint is the ancient translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek. It was used by Jews and Christians, and it made the stories of the people of Israel accessible to an enormous readership. Some of the oldest surviving fragments of this hugely influential translation are now on display in Dublin!

The First Fragments exhibition runs in the Chester Beatty, Dublin, until 3 September 2023, and entrance is free. Further details:

Acknowledgments: we are grateful to the Chester Beatty for granting us permission to film on location, and especially grateful to Dr Jill Unkel (Curator of Western Collections) for facilitating our visit. #manuscripts #biblical #archaeology #bible #papyrus #museum #research #oldtestament #hebrewbible #greek #hebrew #translation #bibletranslation #septuagint #egypt Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant ( Presented by: Conor McDonough OP. – Follow us on Instagram for more great content:


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