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Cantwell Fada: A Knight’s Tale | Treasure Ireland

Cantwell Fada: A Knight's Tale
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Did you know that the largest sculpted effigy of a knight in these islands is found in the little medieval parish church in Kilfane, Co. Kilkenny? The figure is known locally as ‘Cantwell Fada’, and almost certainly represents a man by the name of Thomas de Cantwell, who died c. 1320. How did he become a knight, and what knightly duties was he expected to carry out? Watch to find out!

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Acknowledgments: We are grateful to the Office of Public Works for granting permission to film at this National Monument.

Further reading: Rachel Moss, The Art and Architecture of Ireland, vol 1. The Medieval Period c. 400-1600 (Dublin, New Haven and London, 2014), p. 470; James Graves, ‘On the Cross-Legged Effigies of the County of Kilkenny’, Transactions of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, vol. 2, no. 1 (1852), pp. 63-64, 67-70.

Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant (
Presented by: Conor McDonough OP. –

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