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A Mysterious Ogham Inscription in Co. Carlow | Treasure Ireland

Ogham Inscription
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The ogham alphabet is used in all kinds of ways today, from tattoos to company logos, but its earliest recorded use is in inscriptions on standing stones. This inscription in Rathglass, Co. Carlow is particularly mysterious, and opens a window on a world of cultural exchange at the dawn of Ireland’s conversion to Christianity.

Acknowledgments: We are grateful to the proprietor of the land on which this stone stands for giving us permission to film, and to Dr Nora White for providing helpful advice. We’re grateful also to Christopher McQuinn for accompanying us to Rathglass. Further learning: The standard introduction to ogham is ‘A Guide to Ogam’ by Damian MacManus (Dublin, 1991). A lecture by Prof MacManus on the topic can be found here:    • Lecture by Professor Damian McManus (…  .

Further information on the Rathglass inscription (including a 3D scan) can be found here:…. #irelandsancienteast#loveireland#lovecarlow#historiccarlow#carlowhistory#treasureireland#christian#catholic#ogham#ogam#romanbritain#multicultural#conversion#history#archaeology

Shot and edited by: Patrick Grant ( Presented by: Conor McDonough OP. – Follow us on Instagram for more great content:


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