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Rosary Newsletter – The Presentation in the Temple (Luke 2.22-40)

Mary is told in this mystery that a sword will pierce your own soul so that the secret thoughts of many maybe laid bare. Mary pondered these words of Simeon in her heart. What can this mean, what am I facing in the future? I know the Lord is with me, but what is this sword? This prophesy will be fulfilled at Calvary when the Lord Jesus will say to his Mother, “Woman behold your son,” referring to St. John. Here Mary’s heart will be finally opened. Mary will watch her beloved child die on the cross thus piercing her heart, but she will be given a new-born, St. John who represents us. This mystery of the presentation is overshadowed by the Calvary but the cross too is overshadowed by Easter light. Every day we may face new trails, and in a blink of an eye the shadow of the cross may fall on our happiness. We are asked always to keep in mind the glory of Easter morning. Nothing we have or own is permanent, and as Christians we must always seek the light even when the shadowy clouds block out the sun for a time. The sun is always shining behind the daily clouds. This cloud on Mary’s joy at the presentation will take the form in time of a sword that pierces, but it will strike a fountain on Calvary. A fountain of maternal mercy, love and compassion for her future children.


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