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Rosary Newsletter – The Nativity (Luke 2.1-20)

In this mystery we too like Mary gaze in wonder at the Christ child. For the first time in history heaven comes down on earth. Human beings will gaze down on heaven itself. The angels sing joyfully and announce the good news to the Shepherds. They make haste joyfully to see the wonders they have been told. The little infant seeks us and beckons us to come to him joyfully. We all seek love, and as humans we seek to embrace love. Love has become incarnate and dwelt among us, love has become personal in a little one. We all seek love in different ways and forms, but true love has come in the human form. Our Saviour has come fragile and in need to be embraced, he has come in a form we can reach out and take in our own arms. God has become a baby so that we might encircle him in our arms. Today create heaven on earth in your homes, your work, your community. Be a missionary of peace in that place, and that love which radiates from your encounter with the little Christ child will reach others through you. Like Mary, let your home or work become a place of encounter for others of love and peace through you. Wherever God is, there is heaven on earth, even in that darkest stables of life.


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