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Rosary Newsletter – The Finding in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52)

In this mystery with Mary we consider three long days and nights when the Christ child goes missing. When in life have you lain awake at night worrying about the next day, a difficulty in the family or work? Many parents like Mary and Joseph wait late into the night for a child to return home from a party or night out with friends. Many of us have experienced the separation of a mother and child in a supermarket, the panic and fear. Within moments both are united and filled with joy and thanksgiving. Consider Mary and Joseph searching the crowded city of Jerusalem for the child Jesus. Was it even possible for them to sleep those three nights without fearing the worst for him? Were their minds forever fearing the worst-case scenario? In this mystery let us think of parents and children who are separated for many reasons. Parents whose children have emigrated for our shores for work and new life, families who have separated through marital difficulties, grandparents unable to see and visit their grandchildren because of misunderstandings. Mary and Joseph understand the torment of worry and especially those who stay awake at night because of it. Even at times in our own life we feel that Christ has disappeared from us, we feel we must walk alone and at times are forsaken by him. Whatever your worry is this day or night, you will find Christ, in fact he will find you. Stay steadfast in prayer with Mary and Joseph.


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