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Light of Truth – 35

This week we start to move from Question 2 in the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, which is on the existence of God, to Question 3, which starts to look at what we can know about God.

Fr. Luuk OP will look at St. Thomas’ approach in learning things about God. St. Thomas writes that there is two ways to know things about God, the first is revelation and the second through reason, or philisophy. Both these ways have come to the fore in the last two epsiodes by looking at how God releals himself to us and how we can reason about God’s existence. Now we will look at some things we can know about God mainly through philosophy.

The music this week in the live program is:

  • Testify, Need to Breathe – Hardlover
  • The Gospel, Ryan Stevenson – The Gospel – Single
  • Radiate, Hannah Kerr – Overflow

(the podcast does not have music in it from this week forward)

Please send any comments or any question to and we will take them into account in the programs to come.


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