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Lectio Divina, Pentecost Sunday

The Venerable Bede (672/3-735): Here is shown the weakness of the Apostles. . . . He came in the evening, because they would be the most afraid at that time.

St. Augustine (354-430): The shut door did not hinder the body, wherein Divinity resided. He could enter without open doors, who was as born without a violation of His mother’s virginity.

Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-614): And because their faith wavered even with the material body before them, He showed them His hands and side.

St. Augustine (354-430): The nails had pierced His hands, the lance had pierced His side. For the healing of doubting hearts, the marks of the wounds were still preserved.

St. Augustine (354-430): When he has said, Receive the Holy Spirit, He instantly makes mention of the remission and retaining of sins, because the love of the Church, which is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, remits the sins of those who partake of it, but retains the sins of those who do not.


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