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Blessed Peter O’ Higgins OP

Today Irish Dominicans keep the memory of one of their own brothers, Blessed Peter O’ Higgins, OP, Prior and refounder of the Post Reformation Dominican Priory at Naas Co. Kildare, who was martyred for his faith on this day the 23rd March 1642 at St. Stephens Green, Dublin. The soldiers hacked his body to pieces so that it could not be given an honourable burial.

Blessed Peter’s last words, “So here the condition on which I am granted my life. They want me to deny my religion. I spurn their offer. I die a Catholic and a Dominican priest. I forgive from my heart all who have conspired to bring about my death.”

May he pray for his beloved Ireland and all who suffer for the faith throughout the world.

We humbly beseech the mercy of your majesty, almighty and merciful God, that, as you have poured the knowledge of your Only Begotten Son into the hearts of the peoples by the preaching of the blessed Martyr Peter O’Higgins, so, through his intercession, we may be made steadfast in the faith. Through Christ our Lord

The Dominican Martyrs of Ireland who died for their faith:
Thirty-two friars of the Priory of Derry, and individual friars who died throughout the island of Ireland which include, Ambrose A Eneas O’Cahill, Bernard O’Kelly, Clement O’Callaghan, Cormac MacEgan, Daniel MacDonnel, David Fox, David Roche, Dominic MacEgan, Donald O’Meaghten, Donatus Niger, Edmund O’Beirne, Felix MacDonnel, Felix O’Connor, Gerald Fitzgerald, Hugh MacGoill, James Moran, James O’Reilly, James Woulf, John Keating , John O’Cullen John O’Flaverty, John O’Luin, Myler McGrath, P. MacFerge and his companions, Peter Costello, Raymond Keogh, Raymond O’Moore, Stephen Petit, Thomas O’Higgins, Vincent Gerard Dillon, William Lynch, William MacGollen, William O’Connor.

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Tertullian


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