The St Saviour’s Symposium is a group of Catholics who are eager to understand the Catholic faith, and, drawing inspiration from that tradition, to think about the ‘big ideas’ that underpin our culture.
It meets monthly on a Sunday evening in St Saviour’s Priory, Upper Dorset St, Dublin 1. If you are interested in attending, please email

Symposium – The Mother and Child in the Old Testament

In this month’s Symposium, Fr. Terence Crotty O.P. presented the paper entitled ‘The Mother and Child in the Old Testament’.

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Is Secularisation a Reality Today?

This month in our Symposium meeting here in St. Saviour’s Dominican Priory in Dublin, Jim Corkery SJ talks about secularism in society:

Symposium – How in Heaven’s name did we get from Bethlehem to here?

‘How in Heaven’s name did we get from Bethlehem to here?: What we can learn from the early Church’. Fr Tom McCarthy OP, a priest of the Irish Province of Dominicans, guides us through some of the main developments in early Christian theology, showing how the whole process is really an unpacking of the central Gospel event: God becoming man in Jesus Christ.

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Symposium – Friendship, Religion and the Spread of Darwinism

In this episode of St. Saviour’s Symposium we have Dr Miguel DeArce giving a presentation on ‘Friendship, Religion and the Spread of Darwinism’.

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Symposium – Facebook, Loneliness and Bonhoeffer’s ‘Life Together’

Kevin Hargaden giving a talk on Facebook, Loneliness and Bonhoeffer’s ‘Life Together’ 

Symposium – Johannes Scotus Eriugena

The last meeting of the St Saviour’s Symposium for the academic year 2010/11 was addressed by Dr Catherine Kavanagh of the Department of Philosophy, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Dr Kavanagh studied at UCD and Notre Dame, and is an expert in the thought of the ninth-century Irishman Johannes Scottus Eriugena. In her lecture she spoke about his interest in synthesising the thought of Eastern and Western theologians in his work. It was a great honour to be present at such a detailed presentation of Eriugena’s thought by such an erudite and polished lecturer.

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Symposium – The Conversion of the Baptised

On the 1st of May 2011, Pope Benedict beatified his predecessor, John Paul II. John Paul’s legacy will be analysed by historians for years to come, but perhaps the best way we can honour his memory is to study his teachings. With this in mind, the topic of this symposium is, ‘The Conversion of the Baptised in the Thought of John Paul II’. Dr Carole Brown gave the lecture, based on her recent doctoral research. Dr Brown has been involved in many aspects of the ‘New Evangelisation’ in the US, Ireland and elsewhere. She was director of evangelistic outreach at Franciscan University, Steubenville, and in more recent times has been an important figure in Youth 2000 Ireland, Kerygma Teams and Spirit Radio (

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Symposium – Newman on the University

Dr. Angelo Bottone giving a lecture on Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and his Idea of A University.

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Reading the Creation Account in Genesis

As part of the Symposium: Fr. Terence Crotty O.P. on the creation account in Genesis:

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