This section will contain some information about various Dominican Saints according to the Dominican Calendar.

Blessed Mannes de Guzman

Blessed Mannus OPFeast day: 18th of August

Friar, Priest and Brother of St. Dominic Optional Memorial

Blessed Mannes, an older brother of Saint Dominic, was born at Caleruega, Spain, about 1170. He was among his younger brother’s first followers and later assisted in establishing the priory of Saint-Jacques at Paris in 1217. In 1219 he was entrusted with the care of the Dominican nuns at Madrid. According to an early source he was “a contemplative and holy man, meek and humble, joyful and kind, and a zealous preacher.” He died at the Cistercian monastery of San Pedro at Garniel d’Izan near Caleruega about the year 1235.

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Saint Hyacinth of Poland

St Hyacinth OPFeast day: 17th of August

Friar and Priest Memorial

Saint Hyacinth (Jacek) was born near Wroclaw (Breslau) in Upper Silesia, Poland, around 1185. He was ordained and became a canon of the cathedral of Krakow. On a journey to Rome in 1220 he was attracted to the Order by the holiness and preaching of Saint Dominic. In 1221 he was sent with Henry of Moravia to establish the Order in Poland. The priory of Krakow was established in 1222 and the Province of Poland in 1225. St. Hyacinth labored many years in this region and established priories at Gdarísk and at Kiel. Like so many saints of the Order he was devoted to Mary, the Mother of God. He died in Krakow on August 15, 1257.

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Saint Dominic de Guzman

Dominic de Guzman OPFeast day: 8th of August

Our Holy Father Dominic Priest Solemnity

Dominic de Guzman was born at Caleruega, Spain, around 1172-1173. After completing his studies at Palencia, he was ordained a priest and became a Canon Regular in the Cathedral Chapter of Osma. While on a diplomatic mission with his bishop, Diego d’Azevedo, he experienced first hand the Albigensian heresy which was at that time widespread in southern France. From that time on he determined to dedicate his life to the ministry of preaching and to live a life of simplicity. Eventually he was supported in his work by a monastery of nuns at Prouille which he had directed from its foundation in 1206.

Convinced of the need for a group of trained preachers who would spread the truth of the gospel by their preaching and teaching and would live in apostolic poverty, in 1215 at Toulouse Dominic organized his fellow preachers into a new religious Order which was formally approved by Pope Honorius III on December 22, 1216. His own love of prayer and study, his zeal for the salvation of souls, and his belief in apostolic poverty became the foundation stones of his Order. On August 15, 1217, he dispersed this small band throughout Europe and from such beginnings the Order grew.

It was said of Saint Dominic that “he either spoke with God or about God.” He died at Bologna on August 6, 1221.

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