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Signs of a Vocation

Many people during their lives consider the possibility of priesthood or religious life and fail to do anything about it.

Sometimes people feel inadequate or ill-equipped to take on the task of following God in this special way. This is quite normal!

Indeed, one does not have to be a theologian or philosopher or indeed to have reached the great spiritual heights.

What is very important, though, is to be open to the call of God in your life. This means that, to be truly open to God’s call, those considering the Dominican way of life should be people of prayer and faith.

It is only when we are receptive of God’s word and action in our lives that we can begin to be open to His call to us.

It is said of Saint Dominic that he always spoke to or about God during his life. This remarkable aspect of our founder’s life could be the springboard to understand God’s call in your life.

It is very important that we make an attempt at answering this call – and not just leave it to others, because you are called by God personally.

Remember, you will have many reasons for join the Order, but it is vital to ensure that your reasons are grounded in prayer and faith


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