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Lectio Divina – Trinity Sunday

Catena Aurea, Mt 28:16-20, Trinity Sunday B St. Jerome (340/2-420): After His Resurrection, Jesus is seen and worshipped in the mountain in Galilee; though some doubt, their doubting confirms our faith. The Venerable Bede (672/3-735): Hom. Aest. in Fer., vi., Pasch.: The Lord appeared to them in the mountain to signify, that His Body which […]

Lectio Divina – Pentecost Sunday

Catena Aurea, Pentecost, Jn 15:26-27; 16:12-15 St. Augustine (354-430): As if He said, “Seeing Me, they hated and killed Me; but the Paracleteshall give such testimony concerning Me as shall make them believe, though they see Me not.” And because He shall testify, you shall testify also: And you also shall bear witness; He will […]

Lectio Divina – The Ascension

Catena Aurea, Easter 6B, Mk 16:15-20 The Venerable Bede (672/3-735): What shall we say here about infants, who by reason of their age cannot yet believe; for as to older persons there is no question. In the Church then of our Saviour, children believe by others, as also they drew from others the sins which […]

Lectio Divina – Fifth Sunday of Easter

Catena Aurea, Easter 5B, Jn 15:1-8 St. Augustine (354-430): For we cultivate God, and God cultivates us. But our culture of God does not make Him better: our culture is that of adoration, not of ploughing: His culture of us makes us better. His culture consists in extirpating all the seeds of wickedness from our […]

Lectio Divina – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Catena Aurea, Easter 3B, Luke 24:35-48 St. John Chrysostom (c. 347-407): For He did not show Himself to all at the same time, in order that He might sow the seeds of faith. For Peter, who had first seen and was sure, told it to the rest. Afterwards the word going forth prepared the mind […]

Lectio Divina – Fifth Sunday of Lent

Catena Aurea, Jn 12:20-30, Lent 5B St. Augustine (354-430): Listen we to the voice of the corner stone: And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified. Did He think Himself glorified, because the Gentiles wished to see? No. But He saw that after His passion and […]