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Signs of a Vocation

Many people during their lives consider the possibility of priesthood or religious life and fail to do anything about it. Sometimes people feel inadequate or ill-equipped to take on the task of following God in this special way. This is quite normal! Indeed, one does not have to be a theologian or philosopher or indeed […]

Dominican Vocation

The call to become a Dominican friar comes from God. People seek to serve the Lord in varied ways, but when a person is really passionate about the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing people closer to God by spreading that same Gospel, then the question of serving as a Dominican becomes […]

How do I know that I am called?

This is a difficult question to answer!How do I know that I am called? We are all familiar with the story of Saint Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts of the Apostles, chapter 9) where he encountered God and was called. It is the story of a truly inspiring and dramatic calling, one that […]

Dominicans in the World Today

Dominicans are preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Dominicans in Today’s World The motto of the Order is veritas (a Latin word meaning “truth”). We are therefore charged by the Church with preaching the truth of the Gospel message. Since the Dominican Order was founded almost 800 years ago, Dominicans have been at the forefront […]