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Posts from our pre-2024 website

iDoms Vocab 4.0

A few years ago we created an iPhone/iPad App to learn Vocabulary on an iPhone and iPad. The vocabulary included at the time was for Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew and some Latin. An update last year allowed users to pick words from those lists and create their own custom lists to practice.

Because of some special requests an new feature has been added in which you can create complete new lists on the website which subsequently can be loaded into the App. This allows users to completely come up with their own list to practice in any languages. Currently the only options given are English, Greek, Hebrew and Latin, but other languages can be added upon request.

This new functionality can be found under ‘Vocab sets’ and by selecting ‘Download lists from the internet’. This is a In-App feature to support the maintenance of the App itself.

For more information about the iDoms Vocab App, please visit the App Store.


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