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Ongoing Formation

Formation in the Dominican tradition does not end with the conclusion of our initial studies. Every Dominican friar is expected to continue studying theology and other disciplines throughout his life. Study is, after all, one of the four pillars of the Order. However, ongoing formation for every aspect of his life and work are encouraged. […]

Ordination to the Priesthood

Most of those who join the Order do so with the intention of being ordained priests –members of the presbyteral order. The identity of priesthood is maintained in our tradition, while all the time being aware that it is our call to be Dominicans first and foremost. Those who are to be ordained priests must […]

The Dominican Brother

Some men join the Order without feeling called to the ministerial priesthood. These brothers continue to live their Dominican vocation in the service of the Order and the church. They are often called co-operator brothers, but traditionally they have been known as lay brothers. Down through the years the Irish province has been blessed by […]

The Vowed Life

As Dominicans, we live a vowed life. On the day when a Dominican friar makes his first profession (at the end of the novitiate year) he promises obedience to God. Although only one vow is made, that of obedience, the obligation to observe poverty and chastity are implied by the vow of obedience. Often, these […]

The studentate

A novice, on successful completion of the novitiate, makes simple profession – normally for three years. He takes just one vow, that of obedience, but that includes the obligations of poverty and chastity. He promises to be faithful to living the Dominican life, entrusting himself to the care and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary […]


When men are accepted into the Dominican Order, they begin a process of initial formation that normally lasts about seven years. Formation begins in the novitiate community. The novitiate year is a time of probation during which the novice has the opportunity to reflect on his vocation, experience the Dominican way of life, be formed […]