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Light of Truth – 38

This week Fr. Luuk Jansen OP continues with the questions in the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas OP. Today it is about the Goodness of God, Infinity and Eternity. Espcially the aspect of eternity, and what it means for us to think about eternal life, features towards the end of the program. The music […]

Fatima Procession in Dundalk

There is a great relationship between the Dominicans and Fatima.  For instance, in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary in Fatima on the left of the main altar there stands a statue of St. Dominic, Founder of the Order of Preachers. Over the main entrance to this same Basilica and welcoming every pilgrim […]

Light of Truth – 37

This week Fr. John Harris OP joins Fr. Luuk Jansen OP. The program takes a break from the Summa Theologica to anwser some question from listeners and discuss some related topics. The music this week in the live program is: Beloved, Jordan Feliz – The River I Wanna Go Back, David Dunn – Yellow Balloons I […]

Light of Truth – 36

This week we move to Question 4 of the Summa Theologica, which looks at the perfection of God followed by Questions 5 and 6 on Goodness. Fr. Luuk OP will continue with the perfection of God in combination. This will bring all kinds of side topics to the program as the relation of a perceivable corrupted world in […]

Light of Truth – 35

This week we start to move from Question 2 in the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, which is on the existence of God, to Question 3, which starts to look at what we can know about God. Fr. Luuk OP will look at St. Thomas’ approach in learning things about God. St. Thomas writes […]

Light of Truth – 34

This week we continue on the topic of the second question in the Summa Theologica: The Existence of God. Fr. Luuk Jansen OP talks with Bro. Thomas Davenport OP how modern science connects with our faith. Bro. Thomas Davenport OP, having a PhD in physics from Stanford University, talks about the relation betweed Physics, Philosophy, […]

Light of Truth – 33

This week wec ontinue to Question 2 in the Summa Theologica written by Saint Thomas Aquians. Fr. Luuk Jansen OP talks with Fr. Conor McDonagh OP about the proofs for the existence of God. St. Thomas asks the question if we can proof that God exists, and gives various reasons how we can come to […]

Interprovincial Formator Gathering

Last week the four American Dominican Provinces, the English Province and the Irish Province meet for the annual formatters gathering. This year it was organised in Washington DC. It was a very informative week with lots of possibilities to talk with the other vocations directors, novices masters and student masters. During the various meetings there […]

Light of Truth – 32

This week we start qitrh Question 1 in the Summa Theologicam written by Saint Thomas Aquians. Fr. Luuk Jansen OP continues to talk with Fr. John Harris OP about the start of the Summa. The first ‘question’ in the Summa looks at some of the foundations of our journey to God. Why do we need […]

Light of Truth – 31

The Light of Truth will from this week forward take a little more of a structured approach by following the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas OP in order to discover more in depth various aspects of our faith. Fr. Luuk Jansen OP talks with Fr. John Harris OP about Saint Thomas as a theologian and […]