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Light of Truth – 22

This week some of the Irish Dominican Friars were on a mission to Derry. In this weeks program we talk a bit about the mission and also talked about two questions which we received a short while ago through the social media. The radio program ‘The Light of Truth’ is a weekly Dominican radio program […]

Dominican Parish Mission Derry

The Dominican brethren were invited to preach a Parish Mission in Derry City from the 15th to the 23rd of October during the Year of Mercy. The Mission took place in the parish of the Three Patron’s: St. Patrick’s Church, Pennyburn, St. Brigid’s Church Cairnhill, St. Joseph’s Church, Gallaigh. Dominicans are not new to this northern city, […]

Light of Truth – 21

In our relationship with God there are many variables. One of the most important things is off course prayer. Prayer can have many different forms and shapes, and many people pray in different ways. This week Fr. Luuk O.P. and Bro. Philip O.P. return to prayer and our relationship with God, and some of the […]

Light of Truth – 20

During the summer four Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia from Nashville, Tennessee, arrived in Limerick and moved into the Dominican Priory in Glentworth Street. This week on ‘the Light of Truth’ they share a little about their story, and the daily life as religious sisters. The radio program ‘The Light of Truth’ is a weekly Dominican […]

National Pilgrimage to Knock

On Sunday the 9th of October the National Dominican Pilgrimage to Knock took place. Knock is the National Marian Shrine of Ireland. On the 21st August, 1879, fifteen people from the village of Knock witnessed an Apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, a Lamb and cross on an altar at the gable […]

Light of Truth – 19

The scriptures occupy a central role in our Christian lives. Through the scriptures God speaks to us, and makes known to us the plan of salvation. At many times during this radio show the scriptures come to the fore as a central aspect in deepening our relationship with God through listening to His Word. This […]

Opening Academic Year 2016

  This short video shows a recording of homily given by Fr. John Harris OP at the Mass for the Opening of the Academic Year 2016-1217. The Irish Dominican Province has its own theology Studium, or House of Studies located in the north city center of Dublin. St. Saviour’s Priory houses the student brothers during […]

Light of Truth – 18

God draws us closer to Him through Grace. Grace is our communion, our participation, into the Divine Life of God. The more we are open to grace and participate in the grace of God the more it’s transforming effect shapes our lives. Grace does not take away our freedom, but enables us to life instead […]

Light of Truth – 17

Our journey towards God is a gradual process. Through prayer and a search God’s Grace starts to work in us and moves us to a closer relationship with Him. But why is this needed, why do we need this grace to be healed in our relationship with God? This week Fr. Eoin OP and Fr. […]