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Light of Truth – 28

This week the topic on the Light of Truth is Religious Life and Vocations. Fr. Luuk OP talks with sister Mara Grace OP about vocations discernment and religious life. Sr. Mara Grace is one of the four Dominican Sisters from the Saint Cecilia Congegation from Nashville, Tennessee, and has worked in the vocation office for some […]

Light of Truth – 27

We have reached the end of the Christmas season. Fr. John Harris OP and Fr. Luuk Jansen OP have a discussion around the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord. The story of the Epiphany gives so much to reflect upon. In this hour we look at some of those aspects and how they connect […]

Solemn Vespers – 800th Jubilee

To specifically mark the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order, which got its appoval from Pope Honorious III on the 22nd of December 1216, various Dominican communities had special celebrations. In St. Saviour’s in Dublin a special Holy Hour with Benediction was held in the evening, and Solemn Vespers was celebrated at 6pm. The included […]

Light of Truth – 26

This week Fr. Luuk OP continues to look at the Gospel in relation to the season of Advent. This week the focus is one of the main charaters featuring in the season of Advent, the one who “makes the path straight”, “the voice crying in the wilderness”. Guided by the relevant scripture passage this weeks […]

Light of Truth – 25

This week Fr. Luuk OP continues to look at the Gospel in relation to the season of Advent. Passages in the past week have brought to light the importance of faith in relation to the ministry of Jesus. This time of advent gives us an opportunity for ourselves to reflect on our own faith in […]

Light of Truth – 24

We have begon the season of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation, expectation and waiting for the coming of Christ. In this weeks episode Fr Terence OP and Fr. Luuk OP will look at the infancy naratives as found in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke. What dot he infancy narritives […]

Light of Truth – 23

As it is the month of November this weeks edition of ‘The Light of Truth’ talks about the Saint, the Holy Souls and how these are connected to our lives and world. It is near the end of the Liturgical Year and the focus is shifting to the world to come. As such it is a […]

Diaconate of bro Philip Mulryne

Find below some pictures of the Diaconate ordination of bro. Philip Mulryne OP in St. Saviour’s Dublin, which took place on Saturday the 29th of October. Br Philip was ordained by the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, during a Mass celebrated at 2 pm in St. Saviour’s. Bro. Philip was joined by his family, friends and many Dominican brothers on […]