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Dear friends…
It is a pleasure to send you our list of retreats for the coming year, 2015, and to invite you to come here to rest and pray, to meditate, and to reflect in an atmosphere of tranquillity.  Our aim has always been to create a safe haven where people’s hope and strength are renewed, and we are gratified to have been told many times that coming here is like rejoining a warm circle of friends. 

There are many other events not mentioned in this list, but you can always find an up-to-date account on our website: and on our Facebook page.

We offer a variety of approaches and methods.  Many of the retreats, as you see from the list, are in the traditional format; but we also have retreats and workshops on Tai-chi, pottery, Zen, etc.  Wisely, these have been called “ways to the Way.”  In today’s complex world many people have some knowledge and experience of different spiritual paths, and as Christians we are challenged to connect these to the great tradition.  It was the genius of St Dominic to make connections rather than disconnections.  St Thomas Aquinas continued this way by studying ancient philosophies and integrating what was true in them into the Catholic faith.  In this Retreat Centre, in our own modest way, we try to gather many streams into the one great stream of Christian spirituality.

Retreats are normally conducted in gentle quiet, enabling each person to make the most of the opportunity for reflection and prayer. 

Please tell us in advance if you have special dietary requirements.  We will do our best to care for you.  But please remember that we are not qualified to care for the sick. 

We continue to enhance our facilities: the Centre has a new and very efficient heating system, newly insulated roof, double-glazed windows, refurbished bathrooms, new carpets, etc. 

Whether you are returning for another retreat or coming to us for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you. 

Donagh O’Shea OP (Director), Anita Kenny (Assistant Director)


Ongoing events: 
            Mondays, 7pm - 9pm: 
                        Grow Mental Health Organisation
                        Contact: Grow infoline: 1890474474
            Tuesdays, 8pm - 9.30pm:  
                        Zen meditation
                        Twin Hearts (first Tues. each month)
            Tuesdays, 7.30pm - 9pm: 
                        Charismatic Prayer Group  (venue: Priory)  
            Wednesdays,  8pm-9pm: 
                        Christian Meditation  
            Thursdays, 8pm - 9.30pm: 
                        Meditation with the Mystics.
                              Led by Donagh O’Shea OP 
            Fridays, 8pm - 9pm:
                        Taizé prayer (last Fri. each month)

Tallaght Retreat Centre

Zen meditation
January 11, February 7, March 8, April 11, May 10 (10.00 - 4.00)
Brief introduction.  There will be three sessions during the day, each consisting of two 30-minute periods of sitting, with 10-minute kinhinbetween.  [€20. Bring a packed lunch.  Tea / coffee supplied.] 

Mindfulness: January 17, March 22, May 9, June 6  (11.00 - 3.00). 
How to handle change and difficulty with Mindfulness and Compassion.  Practical steps on how to manage change/transition in our lives.  Practical sugestions for dealing with difficult emotions mindfully.
[€35 incl.  light lunch and tea/coffee] 
Mindfulness evenings: Six Thursdays (7.30 - 9.00), beginning Feb. 5.  [€50; per session €10 ] Teresa Larkin

Circle Dancing 
Six Mondays, starting January 19, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm 
Contact the Secretary for details.    

Faithfest Tallaght
January 30 
Contact the Secretary for details.

The Potter
February 28 and May 23 (10.00 - 4.00) 
A Saturday retreat/workshop in which we use clay in our approach to meditation.  No previous expereience of pottery is necessary [€40 includes light lunch and tea/coffee] 
                                                                                                            Donagh O’Shea OP 
Four Monday evenings in Lent       
March 2, 9, 16, 23 (7.30 - 9.00)
A time for rest, meditation, and prayer in preparation for Easter. [€30; €10 per session]
                                    Donagh O’Shea OP
Holy Week Retreat
April 1 - 4/5
Celebrate the Holy Week Triduum with us.  Holy Week ceremonies will be with the Dominican Community.  Stay on Sat. night at no extra cost.[Residential €210; one day: €40, incl. 4-course lunch] 
                                                                                                                    Donagh O’Shea OP
Tai Chi and Meditation
April 18 (10.30 - 4.30)
Sessions of Tai Chi will be linked together with periods of guided sitting and walking meditation throughout the day.
[€35, includes light lunch, and tea/coffee.                                                   Anne Courtney

Divine Mercy 
May 17  (Contact the Secretary for details)



June 13 – 19
The Welcoming Prayer Retreat 
The Welcoming Prayer is a method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. The prayer helps to dismantle the emotional programs of the false self system. It contributes to the process of transformation in Christ initiated in Centering Prayer. Prior experience with Centering Prayer is necessary.
[Residential €450; non-residential €295] 
                                                                                                Fionnuala Quinn OP
                                                                                                Rose Murphy RSM
Fionnuala Quinn, a Dominican Sister, has for twenty-five years been a practitioner of Centering Prayer as taught by Cistercians Basil Pennington and Thomas Keating. She recently became the International Co-ordinator for Contemplative Outreach, and resides in Dublin. Rose Murphy, a Sister of Mercy Southern Province. She was first introduced to Centering Prayer in South Africa in 1999. She is Co-ordinator of Contemplative Outreach Cork. Her ministry includes introductions to Centering Prayer and Centering Prayer retreats. 

June 20 - 26
“We will do everything the Lord has said” (Ex 19:8)
Humbly and graciously accepting God’s word and its implications for daily living. 
[Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                                                John Littleton
John Littleton, a priest of the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly, is Director of the Priory Institute, Tallaght. Among his recent books is The Francis Factor: A New Departure, co-edited with Eamon Maher. He writes a weekly column for The Catholic Times.

June 27 - July 3 
Jesus our Healer 
In many languages (including New Testament Greek) the word for ‘saviour’ also means ‘healer’.  Jesus is our Healer; he does not promise to cure all our ills, but he heals us in every way that we can be healed.  “All the crowds were trying to touch Jesus, for power came out from him and healed them all” (Lk 6:19).  We in turn, by his grace, have the power to help heal our tormented world.  [Residential €440; non-residential €285]  
                                                                                                Donagh O’Shea OP

July 4 - 10 
“I have called you by name and you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1)
In this the year of consecrated life this vital aspect of the Church’s life needs to be looked at again in the overall vision of Vatican II universal call to holiness. While this year the focus is on the consecrated life it has a message for all believers for we are all called to live the life of Christ. It is the mission of those consecrated to call us all in the Church to be aware of our calling into the very life of the Blessed Trinity.
[Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                                                John Harris OP
July 16 - 22
Zen retreat
The author of Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit, and Zen Gifts to Christians will lead us to a practical understanding of Zen and its significance for today.  “Yamada Roshi [his teacher] told me several times he did not want to make me a Buddhist but rather he wanted to empty me in imitation of ‘Christ your Lord’ who emptied himself, poured himself out, and clung to nothing.” (from the Preface of Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit
[Residential €480; non-residential €300]                                             Robert Kennedy SJ Roshi

Robert Kennedy is a Jesuit priest and Zen Master [roshi].  He has doctorates in Christian theology and in psychology.  He is professor of theology in St Peter’s College, New York.  In addition he is a practicing psychoanalyst in New York City, and a representative at the United Nations of the Institute for Spiritual Consciousness in Politics.

July 25 - 31
Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ.
St Jerome states bluntly that ignorance of the Sacred Scriptures is ignorance of Christ. Abbot Thomas Keating informs us that the Gospels are the core, not at the core, of the Christian life. For Francis, bishop of Rome, the Gospel is at the heart of everything. This is the reason he recommends that we carry a copy of one of the gospels with us at all times. But is that the reality in the life of our church today? Or in our individual lives? This retreat will offer an opportunity to ask this radical question and to ponder on whether my life (and my hope) is built on the rock of God’s word or on the rock of my own ideas and practices.
 [Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                                                Bishop Brendan Comiskey

August 8 - 14
Walking the path with the Beloved Disciple.          
A Retreat centred on John’s Gospel: John leads us with the woman of Samaria and with the man born blind to see that the One we are encountering is in the Father and the Father is in him, and that we can abide in his love. 
[Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                        Philip McShane OP
August 15 - 21
Be still and know 
Guided meditations with body and breath awareness. The aim is to promote stillness of body and mind, leaving the meditator more open to intimacy with God. 
[Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                                                Louis Hughes OP
Louis Hughesis a pioneer in the integration of Indian techniques for body training, breathing and mind-centring with Christian meditation. His published works include the books Body-Mind Meditation and The Art of Allowing – The Breath in Meditation and in Life, as well as the DVDBodyprayer. His website is:         

August 22 - 28
Finding one’s way through the maze: Christian Meditation (John Main), Mindfulness, Contemplation, Zen, Yoga, Centring Prayer, Lectio Divina, Taizé, Charismatic prayer.... 
Today the world of Christian prayer can seem at times as baffling as new technology.   It is important for our own peace of mind and spiritual serenity to sort out the different forms and to find a way of prayer that helps us and sets us free.  
[Residential €440; non-residential €285]
                                                                        Donagh O’Shea OP



26 September
Open Day 
You are welcome to drop in.  See the place, meet the people, sample some of the many programmes and courses we put on throughout the year:Mindfulness, Zen, Pottery and Meditation, Taizé prayer.... Visit the 14th-century tower, see the gardens, walk the Labyrinth.... The Retreat Centre has been here since 1936, and we love to welcome you and show you our place.   We will keep open house from 10 am till around 2 pm.  Tea/Coffee throughout the day.  
Ring the Secretary  404 8123, or just drop in.  Find us on Facebook.  
Our email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Visit our website:    

October 4, October 31, November 29 (10.00 - 4.00)
Zen meditation 
Brief introduction.  There will be three sessions during the day, each consisting of two 30-minute periods of sitting, with 10-minute kinhinbetween.  [€20. Bring a packed lunch.  Tea / coffee supplied.] 

October 10 and December 5 (11.00 - 3.00)
Left to itself the mind is naturally calm.  But we tend to fill it with ‘static’ noise, which keeps it in a state of constant agitation. Mindfulness teaches you how to calm the mind - how to ‘earth’ its static - so that you can regain your natural calmness and discover how to give undivided attention to the present moment.   [€35 includes light lunch and tea/coffee]
                                                                                    Teresa Larkin
Teresa Larkinhas many years’ experience of teaching Mindfulness in many different centres throughout the country.

October 17 (10.00 - 4.00)
Meditation Day 
An introduction to the many different forms of meditation.  The approach will be practical and prayerful.  [€40, including four-course lunch, tea/coffee, etc.]                                               Donagh O’Shea OP

1 November 
Divine Mercy [Contact the Secretary for details]

December 11 - 13
Advent Retreat
“Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!”  (Rev 22:20) 
[Residential: Friday 5 pm till Sunday after lunch:  €170.   Non-residential with meals: €100.  Saturday: €35, including lunch, tea/coffee]                                         Donagh O’Shea OP


Opening Saturday: Registration from 5 pm
Supper 6.30 pm.  Opening session 7.30 pm
Closing Friday: Departure after 1 pm lunch.
Bookings are secured on receipt of a €60 deposit (non-refundable).  The balance may be paid on arrival.
Friday: Registration from 5  pm.  Supper: 
6.30 pm.  Opening session: 7.30 pm
Sunday:           Departure after lunch.
Bookings are secured on receipt of a €60 deposit (non-refundable).  The balance may be paid on arrival.
See the individual event for cost and times.  
Bookings are secured on receipt of a deposit (non-refundable) of half the retreat or course cost.  Lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee are included.     
Members of the school retreat team come from a variety of backgrounds: several have graduate qualifications in theology; others are experienced parish and Church workers. 

The Retreat Centre is in contact with a very reliable and low-cost bus service; if you need a quotation please contact us.

Post-primary retreats / reflection days: 
These take place from September to May.  Early booking is advised.  The normal day begins at 9.30 and ends at 2.45. Cost: €15 per student.  Tea, coffee, and biscuits are provided at morning break and at lunchtime.  Students bring a packed lunch or (with the school’s permission) may buy lunch in Tallaght village.  Other arrangements are possible; please enquire.

Confirmation retreats: €10 per student (incl. fruit juice and biscuits at 10am; bring packed lunch).
THE RETREAT CENTREhas 30 single rooms, with a lift to all floors; newly refurbished bathrooms; one large and five smaller conference rooms.  Retreats and Courses are open to people of all faiths and denominations.  The Centre is available for Conferences and Seminars.  Parish Retreats and Group Retreats available on request.  The Centre is equipped with free wi-fi. Flip-charts, data projector, projection screen, CD players, etc. are available.  We also have a bookshop with a good stock of religious books; also a range of gift objects: photo-cards, candles, incense, etc.  
Free parking for participants.  The Centre is just off the main street of Tallaght Village, one mile from the M50.  The terminus of the Luas (Red Line) is a 10-15 minute walk.  Taxi fare is approx. €6.  Many buses serve Tallaght; the most convenient from the city are the number 65 from College Green, and the 27, or 77A (opposite Central Bank on Dame St.).  Other less direct buses also come from College Green.  If you need detailed directions on how to get here ring us, or ask us to email or post them to you.  
The Secretary, 
Dominican Retreat Centre,    
Tallaght Village, Dublin 24 
Telephone: (01) 404 8123 / 404 8189
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