With such a strong tradition of study, it is imperative that Dominicans be involved with the ministry of faith formation .

Our collaboration with the Dominican family and others means that, in the spirit of Saint Dominic, we are constantly engaged in sharing of our love of the truth of the Gospel.

There is a constant yearning for an understanding of the Word of God both among Catholics and non-Catholics.

The Irish Dominicans have been fortunate over the years to have been engaged in this ministry of faith formation through teaching, retreat work, parish ministry, media and publications and preaching in its various forms.

The necessity of faith formation means that we must be able to pass on our faith in partnership with people who are not ordained ministers, but who have the skills and the desire to preach God’s Word in their own communities and parishes and workplaces.

The future of the Church depends on such people and our collaboration with them.

We can no longer be assured that faith formation will be supported in our education system or that the faith will be passed on in Catholic families.

As in the time of Saint Dominic, this is an essential Dominican ministry, strongly linked to our desire for truth through study.