The tradition of theological reflection and study is not just for those who are going through the initial stages of formal Dominican training.

Study is not just a means to an end for the Dominican himself. Its purpose is to permit sufficient contemplation of God that he can share the fruits of his contemplation with others.

A Dominican must always be in the process of renewing his study so that he is up to date with new forms of theology, philosophy and other disciplines.

It does not mean that a Dominican is necessarily more learned than all other religious or priests, or that every Dominican be a specialist theologian, philosopher or scripture scholar, but it does mean that the study of truth is an integral part of Dominican life.

The friars are therefore encouraged to undergo courses and further studies long after their student days are over.

Indeed, the friars in each Dominican community are to reflect on their lives through on-going study and contemplation.

It makes sense if you think that if any professional like a doctor, for example, were not continually up to date on the latest advances in the medical world then we his patients would be worried! It is the same for professional preachers such as Dominicans.