There are three main areas of study and development in preparing to become a Dominican.

In the initial years of formation, a friar will become well versed in the areas of human and spiritual development and pastoral development.

However, it is in the areas of academic development that a Dominican student will become immersed during his initial studies.

Once his studies begin in earnest (after the novitiate year), he will undertake studies in philosophy (two or three years) and then theology which includes church history, canon law, ancient languages, liturgy, dogmatic theology, moral theology and mystical theology (three to four years)

All these studies will be the basic tools for an aspiring Dominican to become a preacher. They will be necessary for him in his work and ministry. Human, spiritual and pastoral development is integrated into these formal initial studies in order that the student friar receives a full formation in the Dominican tradition.

Initial study is not an end in itself but is seen as an enrichment of the life of each Dominican.

Initial Study