Saint Dominic emphasised the importance of study. He systematically sent his friars to the great university cities of the time so that they would be properly instructed in theology and competent as theologians and preachers.

Today, more than ever, it is important that Dominicans be people of prayer, contemplation and study. Dominicans are simultaneously contemplative and apostolic.

Contemplation means that we are called to prayer and study so each friar is called to a life of study no matter what his primary ministry may be.

In a world that constantly seeks verification and truth, Dominicans must be formed in the various disciplines of philosophy and theology as well as the human sciences so that they be able to engage with those who seek clarification and understanding about their faith.

The Dominican commitment to study is born out of the tradition of the Order that constantly seeks to read the signs of the times, so that we continue to be effective, informed and committed preachers of the Word of God – our primary purpose.