Each friar assigned to a Dominican community has a particular job to do. Some friars work outside of their communities.

For example, some of our brethren are lecturers in third level institutes, others chaplains in hospitals and prisons.

Some of our brothers work within our religious communities as priors, superiors, bursars, parish priests, assistant priests and so on.

When a friar works outside of his priory, his contribution remains valuable to his community. He brings his learning, training and expertise to a particular job, but when his day’s work is done, he returns to his community where he finds the support of his brothers for his ministry and in return encourages those who live with him.

It is by our living together in community that we find our support structures.

It is where the mission of a community finds its context.

It is where we find the energy, support and enthusiasm to carry out the mission given to us – to be preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dominican Work