The work and ministry of the Dominican friar is varied. Dominicans are trained in various disciplines and as a result are engaged in varied apostolates.

The Irish province of the Order has friars engaged in the teaching of philosophy, theology and biblical studies in our academic centres in Tallaght, Dublin and Limerick.

Other members of the province have been or are engaged in post graduate studies at home, and abroad in centres such as Oxford, Rome and Jerusalem.

While many Dominicans are involved in the academic world, we engage in many pastoral situations as well.

Some are involved in the media and publishing. Many are busy with individual apostolates that are centred in particular communities.

A large proportion of our work is dedicated to staffing our churches and priories – providing local communities around the country with sacramental services, particularly the celebration of the Eucharist and the provision of the sacrament of reconciliation.

We provide parish ministry in some dioceses in Ireland – and we supply some friars to hospitals, prisons, schools, universities and defence forces.

We have a substantial number of friars who conduct retreats and preaching missions at home and abroad.

In our communities we have many of the friars who take on roles of responsibility and administration as priors, superiors and bursars – all of these tasks are important to the smooth running of our centres.