Today, the relationship between the Gospel and culture has become the focus of intense reflection.

This focuses not only on the content of evangelisation, but in particular the way it is communicated (cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi, n.20).

Down through the centuries, the Dominican Order has been at the service of the Church in the area of evangelisation through many and varied apostolates in all corners of the globe.

The Irish province of Dominicans has been pro-active in the areas of scripture and modern theology, in the fields of promoting justice and peace, through the various forms of preaching the Word, by being bold and creative in the area of education and reflection through new initiatives adopted by our legislative provincial chapters in the recent past.

Ultimately, it is through our living of the constant call of Saint Dominic to preach the word of truth to a broken world, to a world that constantly seeks to understand the meaning of life that we Dominicans find that we are most at service to the needs of the Church, both in Ireland and abroad. This service will always be sought and needed. The Dominican friars of the 21st century are well equipped for this task.

Serving the Church