Liturgical prayer was an essential part of Saint Dominic’s life and fuelled his passion for preaching and evangelisation.

The celebration of the conventual liturgy continues to be the heart of Dominican life.

It is particularly in the liturgy, both the Liturgy of the Hours and the sacraments (including the Mass), that the mystery of salvation is present.

Celebrating the liturgy several times a day makes a Dominican aware of the truth contained in the words of Jesus in the Gospel ‘Without me you can do nothing, with me you can do all things’ (John 15:5).

Everything in our lives is touched by the liturgy. Our personal prayer and our preaching emerge as a consequence of our contemplation on the Word of God during the liturgy.

The fact that in the liturgy we pray as a community is a powerful symbol to a hectic world. In this communal prayer we pray with the rest of the Church for its needs and cares, bringing our work, our passion, our contemplation and our lives in the service of others so that we may be encouraged and invigorated.

Ultimately, our community prayer is a daily encounter with God who is our ‘all in all’.