The Irish Dominicans have the care of the vicariate of Trinidad and Tobago. There are approximately 16 friars working in the vicariate, some of whom are Irish born and some local Trinidadians. The brethren have various apostolates, including teaching, chaplaincies, assisting the local diocesan administration, media work and the care of a number of parishes.

In recent times the vicariate brethren have undertaken to build a pastoral centre in the capital city, Port of Spain, to service the intellectual, spiritual and faith needs of the Catholic community on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is envisaged that it will also serve the needs of the local diocese as well.

It is, however, in the provision of friars for working in parishes in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain that the Irish Dominicans have the biggest impact. Here they are concerned with the spiritual care of many people, assuring that all the ordinary parish sacramental and liturgical celebrations. An important aspect of the life of the friars assigned to the vicariate is their regular meeting to reflect on their lives, work and ministry and, of course, to pray and socialise together.

The vicariate has smaller numbers of friars than it did during the twentieth century and the workload on the brethren has increased somewhat. The brethren have been promoting the Dominican vocation locally, in order to ensure a native born Dominican presence in the islands.

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