There is currently one friar of the Irish Dominican province resident in Lisbon, Portugal. Based in the Estoril region of the city, this friar has the care of a large English speaking community and is its parish priest. Much of his time is taken up with parish ministry, particularly with the provision of the sacraments in two churches in his care. There are also schools and school management to be taken care of.

There has been a long association between the friars of the Irish province who were once based in the beautiful church of Corpo Santo, in the middle of the city, with the Irish Dominican sisters based in nearby the convent of Bom Successo. The chaplaincy to the sisters based here is still in the care of the Irish Dominican friar assigned to Lisbon.

Because Irish Dominicans have been serving in Lisbon since the 17th century, many of the friars of the province have a great affection for this location and, indeed, they assist the friar in charge when he is away on holidays or is in need of special help.


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